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We come to your school and give a room a makeover into the place of worship where we then work with your students.


Each experience is tailored to the desirable outcomes that the school/group wants. Generally, we attempt to create the atmosphere and similar surroundings of the actual place of worship, surrounding the pupils with physical, musical and emotional aspects of the faith. The experience can last between 1 to 2 hours to a limited number of participents.


The room(s) used for the experience will be filled with familiar Christian symbols and items that would be found in churches of one or more of the main denominations. Depending on the discussed aims and objectives, differences between denominations might be discussed and varying traditions explorered and where appropriate demonstrated. A hands on approach will be taken with exploring the Christian faith, getting to grips with items used in worship and prayer, along with the sounds and smells associated with particular traditions.

Descriptions of the surroundings are then given by a member of the RS Resources Centre team. After this has happened, the film of one or more Christian denominations is shown to pupils, leading into group discussion and further explanatory work.

A hands on approach is used to explore the faith, using 'feely bags' to allow pupiles to explore objects of faith with their hands and eyes, describing what they see and feel from every day objects in use. Linked with information cards, this provides pupils with a valuable insight in to the reality of the faith and the use of symbolism. A session on creative expression through writing and/or drawing will then allowe pupils to express what they have learnt, often done with the accompaniment of music to further inspire the pupils. Food can be offered from the faith where appropriate.

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Supported by The Vine Community Centre, Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham Inter Faith Council